Saturday, July 13, 2013

New Products

Hay lovlies,
Hope youre all doing great :)
I've been working in a hotel spa for just over a month or so and am loving it so far!
I decided to treat myself to some of the products in the range which is on offer at the hotel. The range is called Payot!

The range is extensive... It has products for each skin type, for more mature clients and even have a range used for age and sun spots.
I went on training with the brand last week and found it really interesting, the products smell really nice and are lovely on the skin.
I picked up a cleanser promotion, which you get 400ml Cleansing milk, 400ml Toner, and Eyemakeup remover for €34.99! Which i think is amazing.

Ive been using the producs for 1 week now and my skin REALLY has never looked better. My skin looks clearer and brighter than it has before, and people have even commented on how great it looks. Im not kidding!

The cleansing milk is light and creamy but still enough to remove mascara on its own, however for waterproof mascara, you will need the eyemakeup remover!
The toner is a fresh smelling water which removes any product left on this skin and is alcohol free so its suited to even my sensitive skin!
The eyemakeup remover is an oil and water mix which you need to shake up before use. Its applied with cotton pads and the mascara and eyemakeup just smoothes away. I like this product as its so gentle on the skin, and i can even use it with my contact lenses in.

I'd like to get more products from the range in the coming future, as the more i work with the products in my job, the more i like them.
I think next on the list will be the Hydra 24 masque or cream. They leave the skin looking+feeling amazing and really hydrated! Whats not to love?!

Have you tried any products from the Payot range before, what do you think?
What are your favourite products?

Much love,

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