Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Favourite Lipsticks

Hay there lovlies,
Im a big listick girl, so i thought it only fitting to do a lipstick post. I had been asked to do one before but just never seemed to get around to it so here we go...!
I love lipstick, I must prefer nude eyes with mascara and a coloured lippy.
Im only posting about lippys that I honest to god wear on a regular/ day-to-day basis, that i genuinely love, that i genuinely bought myself.

So, I'll start with pale and move to dark.

First up is MAC Hue.
Its a glaze finish and is really the only nude i have found that doesnt look completly ridiculous on me! I have tried MAC Myth in the past but found it did nothing for me. Nude lips are not really soething i would go for, but when very dark smoky eyes call, then Hue is the one :)

Next up is Kiko #918... Similar to Rimmel 'Asia'(which i have on loan to a friend right now so is not pictured, but i use regularly)
Its quite natural and both Kiko and Rimmel are really nice day-time lippys to even out the tone of the lips and add a little bit of colour.

Then moving on to MAC Ruby Woo- (Also love Lady Danger but its gone walk abouts so is not pictured)
I LOVE this lipstick. Red lips are just so classic and give you such a confidence boost and make you feel dressy on a day where you might feel a little bit crappy! And Ruby Woo is the PERFECT shade of red.
(Lady Danger gives a slightly more red-orange tint, but its still fab)

Next is Revlon Va Va Violet.
Im adding the pics first before saying a word, because most people would pass it by and not even dream of wearing this colour. Personally, I really like it. I wouldnt wear this sade in the day time but it certainly adds some 'diva' to a night out. Its easy to do a natural face and slick this on if youre in a rush but still want to look fierce on the dance floor :) I think its fab!

Lastly, is my favourite.
The photos dont do this lipstick justice at all!
THIS lipstick is by Barry M, its called TMLP. I get SO many questions about this lipstick and have converted so many of my friends onto it too! Everyone who tried it, loves it.
Now, when you open the lid, its a little funny, as the lipstick is GREEN, yes, green! But when applied to the skin, it works with the bodys PH balance to create the most lovely Pink shade. It looks different on everyone, but suits everyone!
The best thing about this lipstick, is that its more like a lip-stain. It last for hours and doesnt tranfer once its been on for a few minutes. If youre a lover of coloured lips, try it! Its amazing and if you havent tried it it, i urge you to run out and try it... Then, let me know what you think. Have i converted you too?

Much love,

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