Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Birthday Celebrations

Hay guys!
So, for my birthday this year, unfortunatly, i was sick :(
Im suffering with a horrible dose of flu thats going around at the moment.
Myself and my boyfriend had planned to go to the zoo on the Saturday following my birthday, before heading out on the town that night.
Unfortunatly, we didnt head out as i was so ill, but we still went to the zoo, wrapped up warm and had a fab time.

I hadnt been to the zoo in about 4 years and i loved it. We spent about 5 hours there and we loved watching the sea lions being fed. Theyre amazing creatures. Unfortunatly we couldnt see the penguins being fed as the crowd was too huge and we were just getting squished- which, when paired with a flu, is not what you want!
I loved the squirrel monkeys, they were probably my favourite part of the zoo. One came right up to us and sat there for a while. Theyre beautiful animals, so cute!!

Myself and Trevor had a lovely day too, we got to spend some time together and it was really nice.

Wrapped up nice and warm!

Squirrel Monkeys were my favourite :)

What plans do you guys get up to for your birthday? :)

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