Thursday, January 16, 2014

Recent Buys

Hay there lovlies,
I thought id quickly post up a few bits that i bought a couple of weeks ago and never got around to posting.

1. Firstly, I picked up this handbag, purse and finger-top ring in River Island. I needed a new handbag and never had one from River Island before so i went for this black and gold one which is big enough to fit everything into but still practical to go with pretty much everything!
The purse is quite small, just for nights out or to pop into a clutch bag, as the one i have is much too big. This one fits some change/ notes and a bank card.

2. Next I went to Dunnes and picked up a swimsuit, jumper and sports bra.
I needed to get a more gym-friendly swimsuit as the one i was using before Christmas was a little inappropriate so this is much better. The jumper is a little baggy and just for wearing to keep me cosy.
The sport bra is really small fitting, it doenst even fit me. So if youre going sports bra shopping make sure to try them on in the store before buying.
Silly me!

3. Next i picked up some individual lashes in Penneys and this round headed brush. I also picked up this cute Me-to-You calander in the calander shop, as my usual go-to place for my calander and diarys were all sold out and werent getting any more in, bummer :( But this one is really cute and it the pefect size!

4. Finally, I headed in Lifestyle Sports for a little fitness motivation after Christmas.
My old runners were really beaten and faded so i headed in to pick up a new pair. Seems a lot of people were doing the same because a lot of the styles were sold out that i wanted to get, but i settled on these fab ones by Nike.
Theyre so fun and i already have a few pieces of workoutgear that match them at home. Sorted!!

Did any of you go for some fitness motivation after christmas like me?
Link your blogs below, i'd love to read them :)

Much love,

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