Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How I Fill in my Brows

Hay guys,
heres a post on how i fill in my brows.
I always get asked about how I do them, even by randomers in the shop! So here it is:

2 Eyeshadows and 2 Brushes.
I use MAC Brun shadow in the body of the brow with a flat brush. Then using an angled liner brush I outline the shape of the brow on top and bottom.
I then use the flat brush again with MAC Cork shadow and fill in the front of the brow with this shade (side closest to your nose) This gives a gradual shade and a more natural looking brow :)

How you enjoyed this post... any more requests just let me know :)



  1. wow your brows are fab, I will have to try shaping them like this, looks so natural and defined

    1. Thank you so much. Lots of years of gradually shaping them like this :) Good luck!
      If you do a similar post, link it to me. Love to have a look :) xoxo