Sunday, May 12, 2013

Favourite product at the moment..

My favourite product right now is this...

Its The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture cream.
I had been using a cheap store brand moisturiser on my skin as i couldnt afford to splash out on a more expensive moisturiser while im in college, but got converted to this product one night after cleansing my skin as normal, this product was sitting next to the sink (belonging to my mum) so i popped a bit on.
The product goes on so smoothly, smells like roses or how you'd imagine a Granny would smell, and makes skin so soft and bright!
Its lovely!
I got up the next morning and was amazed by how good my skin looked. So, seeing my amazement, my mum kindly bought me a pot of it and i love it.
I look forward to getting my makeup off at night, it just feels so nice on the skin!
The product contains Sorbitol which is a humectant, which means it attracts moisture to the skin, hydrating the skin.
It also contains Antioxidants(Vitamin E) to protect skin against harmful damage to skin from environmental or external factors.

The product costs about €17.00 here in Ireland i think, but i will definatly buy it again. I havent had any spots since i began using this product at all. I'm not usually prone to spots but i do occasional get an odd one, and iv had no problems with my skin since using this product.
Happy Skin!!!

Whats your favourite moisturiser?

Much love,
Conni xoxo

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